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I am a hot Mumbai born, bindass attitude girl who is quite fond of spending time with boys whether it is going for a long drive on their bike or sleeping naked in their arms, I enjoy each moment in company of boys.Independent Female Escorts in Delhi

I was born in Mumbai having two elder boys as siblings. My father is in government job and my mother a home maker. From childhood, I was a tomboy competing with boys in every field, from academics to sports, I always outnumbered boys.

While surrounded with boys all the time, I observed that many boys admired girls, like them secretly, but do not have guts to say that in front of her. They feel shy and awkward in company of opposite sex developing cold feet while talking. I am saying this, because I have faced this awkward occasion in my life. So many boys admired me, smile at me, but while encountering me, they become completely nervous causing me much irritation. From college days, I decided no matter what I do, I will always help these shy and nervous kinds of boys in getting a girlfriend.

I was fond of Delhi from childhood days, with wide open roads, green environment and a great infrastructure, I always wanted to live in Delhi. After graduation, I landed a job in IT company as HR professional. But, I was not able to accomplish what I really wanted i.e. helping boys in meeting their secret sweet heart. By reading a newspaper advertisement of Mumbai Celebrity escorts, I got an idea of meeting boys by becoming an escort.

I put an ad in newspaper classified section as well as on online classified sites too regarding tips of making a girlfriend. To my surprise, I got an overwhelming response from all section of Delhi. From Business men to young IT professionals even business executives all wanted to learn tricks of making a girlfriend and how to get over their inhibitions regarding talking to a woman.

My escort business has grown so much that I have given up my job in corporate sector and started working as full time independent escort in Colaba. Apart from giving tips, I am also an innovative love maker, worshipping your body in unique ways such as bathroom session where both of us will bath together kissing each other passionately, wedding night session where I will give you tips and help you in overcoming your fears of consummating your marriage or paid girlfriend, i.e. hanging out in Delhi on your bike throughout day and lying in each other arms in night.

As an escort I can show you my success record of matchmaking so many shy guys with their girlfriend. And mind you, that all of them are leading a happy married life. I feel obliged when I receive so many gifts and compliments for helping them to meet their soul mate. As an escort, I feel proud of this fact and would continue to provide this service no matter what the hell society says.

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Wedding Night training: For grooms soon to be married, a one week course in which they will learn how to impress their nubile wife, learn about kissing, foreplay and different types of physical union. I ensure you that through my wedding night training course your wife will have such a pleasure that would knock her senses out. She will go crazy for you and would do anything to make you happy........More

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